Note: MonsterDoor is currently be rewritten as a natively-deployable Salesforce app.
The version and information below may be obsolete.

What is it?

MonsterDoor is a web-based system for checking in volunteers (or similar attendees) at events.

It was originally developed to address the issue of managing 100+ volunteers at Zeno's MathFest events. MonsterDoor streamlines the process of registering each participant as they arrive. It keeps track of when volunteers start, what duties are assigned to them, lets you reassign shifts on the fly, and track the total number of hours worked for each volunter with easy reporting.



Current release: monsterdoor-0.3.tar.bz2


Right now, the installation process is very manual and documentation is lacking. If you aren't affiliated with Zeno, please contact me for help, since MonsterDoor is constantly evolving.

Live Demo

Coming soon.